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photo by Debra

photo by Debra

I meet people at times and locations they find convenient, including evenings and weekends.

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photo by Debra

photo by Debra

trust is like an invisible box that can hold things you own and operate by rules you want.

Trust assets can be used for you and those you select.

A trust can help save money and time.

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photo by Debra

photo by Debra

Clients appreciate smooth transitions that are easy for loved ones and avoid court.

After signing his will and trust, a husband said to his wife, "Now I will feel better getting on a plane with you."

She said, "I feel so relieved. We've been wanting to update our wills for years."

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Attorney Debra Anthony is highly knowledgeable in the field of estate planning. She demonstrates exceptional thoroughness and has a total commitment to integrity. Debra takes the time to explain things in clear terms without the legal jargon. She confidently details the reasons for each decision that needs to be made, which is very helpful when making important choices about your estate.
— Anne Marie Craighead, CPA - AMC Accounting Solutions

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